Adven­ture Golf Parc Braunlage

The new Adven­ture Golf Park is open in the middle of Braun­lage on Harz­bur­ger Straße 29!

14 attrac­tive cour­ses with lengths of 11 to 25 meters offer fun in a new dimen­sion for the whole family- Let your­self be sur­pri­sed and visit the Adven­ture Golf Park daily from 11.00-18.00 clock in good weather!

Enjoy­ment for the whole family at the Adven­ture Golf Park Braun­lage. 14 tracks, tram­po­lines and a play­ground pro­vide fun.

Adven­ture Golfpark



Adults: € 7.50

Child­ren: 5.50 €

Hol­ders of a guest card receive a reduc­tion of 1 €.



Adven­tu­re­Golf Park
Harz­bur­ger Str. 29
(next to Pup­pes and before the Ice Sta­dium )
38700 Braun­lage
Tel. 05520/487

Opening Hours

daily: from 11:00 - 18:00 Uhr

Fami­li­en­spaß in Braunlage


In the middle of Braun­lage directly at the ice sta­dium is the Adven­ture Golf Park. Fun for the whole family is gua­ran­teed, because the 14 holes bring fun for “young and old”.

Unlike minia­ture golf, you play on grass fair­ways. The  obst­a­cles are not in the fore­ground eit­her, but as with the large golf cour­ses, it’s all about hill and dale, as well as ponds and streams. Please pick up a racket at “Puppes”!

In addi­tion, there are tram­po­lines on the grounds and a play­ground for the little ones.


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Adven­ture Golf Braunlage