Braun­lage im Harz

Health resort and win­ter sports paradise

Braun­lage has deve­l­o­ped over the last few years back to the trendy resort for fami­lies, ath­le­tes and active vaca­tio­ners. The variety of offers and oppor­tu­nities as well as the moun­tain cli­mate have made Braun­lage the desti­na­tion for ski­ers north of the Alps, espe­cially in win­ter.
The easy acces­si­bi­lity and the uni­que loca­tion on the hig­hest moun­tain in Lower Sax­ony, the Wurm­berg, make Braun­lage a popu­lar holi­day and excur­sion desti­na­tion for young and old. The local gas­tro­nomy, small bou­tiques, bars and dance halls com­plete the offer and ensure a spe­cial and rela­xing holi­day. With the plan­ned cable car as a link bet­ween Schierke and Braun­lage and the resul­ting expan­sion, the lar­gest alpine ski resort in nort­hern Ger­many will be built by the end of 2016.
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Win­ter sports resort Braunlage

When Ober­fors­ter Arthur Ulrichs had his first skis made in Braun­lage in the year 1883 accor­ding to the Nor­we­gian model, he pro­bably did not dream of thin­king that his idea would make a signi­fi­cant con­tri­bu­tion to making his home­town Braun­lage one of the most import­ant win­ter sports resorts in the Harz.

Ori­gi­nally inten­ded as a means of trans­port for the employees of the forest, the new snows­hoes quickly pro­ved to be a good means of rela­xa­tion and recreation.

Ski­ing became the the­rapy of the many sana­to­rium guests, then the exer­cise offer of the stu­dents in Braun­lage and finally the popu­lar win­ter sport of the many visi­tors, who alre­ady then chose the place at the foot of the Wurm­berg for recreation.

But it was not just the new deve­lop­ment in win­ter sports that brought Braun­lage tou­rism suc­cess. The con­nec­tion to the rail­way net­work at the end of the 19th cen­tury ensu­red a steadily incre­a­sing influx of tou­rists. They found rest in the chic vil­las and sana­to­ri­ums that were built in the town of Braun­lage.
Braun­lage Nature & Climate

Dif­fe­rence in alti­tude up to 405 meters, plus forests, bogs and rivers: The land­scape of the Harz Natio­nal Park is uni­que and diverse.

Whe­ther the Great Wurm­berg­klippe, the falls of the Boden­see or the view from Niedersachsen’s hig­hest van­tage point at the top of the Wurm­berg, this par­ti­cu­lar natu­ral back­drop inspi­res Braun­lage holi­day­ma­kers from all over the world.

Great cli­mate at Wurm­berg. Rest in Braun­lage starts in the wea­t­her. In sum­mer, a lot of suns­hine with plea­sant tem­pe­ra­tures (never more than 30 ° Cel­sius) - in win­ter, the dry cold: Toge­ther with the low-oxygen moun­tain air, the ideal wea­t­her con­di­ti­ons ensure the par­ti­cu­larly low-irritant atmo­s­phere of the health resort.

Two pawls, various well­ness and beauty stu­dios and the resi­dent the­ra­peutic and gene­ral medi­cal prac­tices addi­tio­nally pro­vide for the reco­very and well­ness fac­tor in Braunlage.

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Active in Braunlage

Rarely do you find as many activi­ties in one place as in the health resort Braun­lage. In the cen­ter of the many sporting oppor­tu­nities in Braun­lage is the Wurm­berg cable car, the lon­gest of its kind in nort­hern Ger­many. In its ori­gi­nal form, the rail­way was for­med bet­ween 1963 and 1965, but was repla­ced in 2001 by a new facility.

Since then, the 74 cabins (with room for 6 people) bring the many active vaca­tio­ners safely and with a magni­fi­cent view of the Harz Moun­tains to the many pos­si­bi­li­ties of move­ment on the Wurmberg.

Holi­day fast and modern. Of course, win­ter sports are among the main attrac­tions in Braun­lage. The fact that much more is pos­si­ble today than the clas­sic ski­ing with down­hill and cross-country ski­ing shows in Braun­lage the diverse offers.

Whe­ther snow­boar­ding, tobog­ga­ning, a tubu­lar tire ride in the snow tubing area or ice clim­bing: If you’re loo­king for an adre­na­lin kick in front of a magni­fi­cent natu­ral back­drop, then this is the place for you.
Braun­lage active

If there is no snow Braun­lage am Wurm­berg is no less active: Braun­lage shows how modern tou­rism is pos­si­ble and offers its visi­tors a com­plete range from tran­quil hiking to fast-paced down­hill runs with a mons­ter scoo­ter to a rela­xing spa offer.

A suc­cess­ful stay in the accom­mo­da­tion begins to know the hosts on site. Rooms with modern com­forts are also stan­dard in Braun­lage, as well as good food and often even an addi­tio­nal offer with bars or cul­tu­ral events.

Tra­di­tion meets moder­nity. Cul­ti­vate the tra­di­ti­ons, feel com­mit­ted to the history and yet keep up with the times. With this mix­ture, the cli­ma­tic health resort at the foot of the Wurm­berg could main­tain its tou­rist posi­tion and still pre­serve its ori­gi­nal charm.

The tou­rist always new attrac­tions to offer will be an import­ant part of the tou­rist con­cept in the next few years, accor­ding to the motto “Holi­days in Braun­lage: Yesterday’s good - tomor­row even better!”

Braun­lage lies at an alti­tude bet­ween 600 and 971 meters above sea level and the Wurm­berg is the hig­hest moun­tain in Lower Sax­ony and a desti­na­tion for sports enthu­si­asts, fami­lies and adven­tu­rers. Braun­lage offers the star­ting point to inten­si­vely dis­co­ver the Harz and its forests.

Natur­my­then­pfad, the bike park Braun­lage and many hiking rou­tes from easy to dif­fi­cult make the health resort Braun­lage. With almost 6,000 inha­bi­tants, Braun­lage is a small town that has made a name for its­elf as a sports and holi­day resort nati­onwide for decades.

Braun­lage is worth a trip in every sea­son. The town of Braun­lage also inclu­des the districts Hohe­geiß and Sankt Andre­as­berg, which also offer many attrac­tions for visi­tors. Braun­lage is a magnet for visi­tors, espe­cially on Wal­pur­gis Night.

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