Trails in Braunlage

Cross-country ski­ing for everyone

Braun­lage in the Harz offers opti­mal con­di­ti­ons for cross-country ski­ers. There are miles of groo­med trails from easy trails to cross-country ski trails for expe­ri­en­ced skiers.

Below you will find an over­view of the most beau­ti­ful trails in Braun­lage, Sankt Andre­as­berg and Hohe­geiß in the Harz moun­tains. From Decem­ber to March, there is usually a snowy sea­son here in the Harz region and from begin­ner to ambi­tious recrea­tio­nal run­ner to com­pe­ti­tive ath­lete, every ski enthu­si­ast will find the right trail for himself.

Braun­la­ger Trail

skilanglauf in braunlage

The Braun­la­ger trail is a pro­mi­sing route and round trip with many restaurants.

  • Length: 5km and 10km     
  • Alti­tude: 600-720 mNN     
  • Entry: Above the von-Langen-Str. at the wea­t­her station     
  • End­point: Above the von-Langen-Str. at the wea­t­her station     
  • Dif­fi­culty level: 4-5 (1 = Easy 6 = Challenging)     
  • Tech­ni­que: clas­sic style, skating     
  • Con­nec­tion pos­si­bi­li­ties: Has­sel­kopf trail, Ach­ter­mann trail, Rote-Bruch trail, sun-trail, ska­ting trail


harz achtermann skilanglauf
  • Length: 6km     
  • Alti­tude: 600m above sea level     
  • Entry: Königs­krug on the B4     
  • End­point: Königs­krug on the B4     
  • Dif­fi­culty level: 4 (1 = Sim­ple 6 = Challenging)     
  • Tech­ni­que: clas­sic style     
  • Con­nec­tion pos­si­bi­li­ties: Red-Bruch-trail and Braun­la­ger trail

The Ach­ter­mann trail is a family-friendly trail with refreshments.


langlauf im harz

The Has­sel­kopf trail is a family-friendly route and round trip with refreshments.

  • Length: 5km and 12km     
  • Alti­tude: 600m above sea level     
  • Entry: Above the Rifle House Braun­lage / Schützenstr.     
  • End­point: Schüt­zen­haus Braun­lage / Schützenstr.     
  • Dif­fi­culty: 3-4 (1 = Sim­ple 6 = Challenging)     
  • Tech­ni­que: clas­sic style     
  • Pos­si­ble con­nec­tions: Süd­harz trail, Kai­ser­weg trail and Ebers­berg trail

Con­nec­tion trail Wurmberg

Langlauf fahren im harz

The con­nec­ting trail Wurm­berg is a route tour with refresh­ments and Bergbahnauf- and descent.

  • Length: 1.2km     
  • Alti­tude: 970m above sea level     
  • Entry: moun­tain sta­tion of the Wurm­berg cable car     
  • End­point: Schier­ker trails     
  • Dif­fi­culty level: 4-5 (1 = Sim­ple 6 = Challenging)     
  • Tech­ni­que: clas­sic style     
  • Con­nec­tions: Braun­la­ger trail, Schier­ker trail, Rote-Bruch trail, Ach­ter­masnn trail

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Cross-country ski­ing in the Harz

Braun­lage, Sankt Andre­as­berg and Hohe­geiß form the cen­ter for win­ter sports in the Harz. With the hig­hest moun­tain in Nie­der­sahc­sens, the Wurm­berg, and the lar­gest ski resort in nort­hern Ger­many, Braun­lage in the Harz region invi­tes win­ter sports enthu­si­asts. In total, there are six alpine ski areas with approx. 20 km of pis­tes as well as two snow tubing faci­li­ties and an ice rink. Win­ter hiking trails, tobog­gan runs and slopes with degrees of dif­fi­culty from begin­ner to pro­fes­sio­nal (black piste on Wurm­berg) cha­rac­te­rize the diver­sity of the win­ter sports area Oberharz