Ski­ing in Harz

Being the lar­gest ski resort in the Harz Moun­tains the Wurm­berg with its 13 km long alpine ski runs offers exep­tio­nal win­ter fun. In addi­tion to the 14 slopes for begin­ners and expe­ri­en­ced ski­ers Braun­lage scores with nume­rous other win­ter sports such as snow­boar­ding, sleig­hing, a snow tubing area (espe­cially for child­ren), cross-country ski­ing, ice clim­bing and win­ter hiking trails.

The ski resort “Hexen­ritt” is a true para­dise for all win­ter sports fans and ski­ing in the Harz has won a whole new qua­lity since it has opened in 2014.

The Hexen­ritt is per­fect for fami­lies and young ski­ers to make their first expe­ri­ence in ski­ing and snow­boar­ding. In the morning the flat and extra-wide prac­tice slope with its own lift is the mee­ting point of the “Ski-School-Oberharz”.

The sleig­hing run – with a length of 1600m – and the snow tubing area, going down in 200-meter-long wavy path, give child­ren and adults unf­or­gettable holi­day adven­tures in the Harz Moun­tains. With a gra­di­ent of up to 60% the “Hexen­ritt piste” is a true para­dise for expe­ri­en­ced ski­ers who are see­king for pure adrenaline.

Ski Area “Wurmberg”

Skifahren in Braunlage

The Wurm­berg ist he lar­gest ski resort in Nort­hern Ger­many with a ver­ti­cal drop of 405 meters. Due to the relia­bi­lity on snow and its modern lifts the Wurm­berg is one of the most chal­len­ging ski areas north of the Alps and it makes ski­ing in the Harz Moun­tains a memo­rable experience.

A total of 14 runs and a spe­cial slope for trai­ning with dif­fe­rent levels of dif­fi­culty are available.

List of runs

Pan­ora­ma­ab­fahrt – Length: about 1,5 km – Level: easy

O. Große Wurm­bergab­fahrt – Length: about 1,3 km – Level: easy

Nord­hang – Length: about 0,4 km – Level: moderate

Hexen­wiese – Length: about 0,5 km – Level: easy

Wal­pur­gis­hang – Length: about 0,5 km – Level: easy

Ski­route Hexen­ritt  – Length: about 0,5 km – Level: very difficult

Hexen­ritt­piste  – Length: about 0,55 km – Level: difficult

Son­nen­hang  – Length: about 0,8 km – Level: easy /moderate

U. Große Wurm­bergab­fahrt  – Length: about 2,6 km – Level easy

Tal­ab­fahrt Braun­lage  – Length about 1,7 km – Level: easy

Ski­schul­hang  – Length: about 0,2 km – Level: easy

Ski­weg Hexen­ritt  – Length: about 1,0 km – Level: easy

Obe­rer Ski­weg  – Length: about. 0,45 km – Level: easy

Ski­weg Mit­tel­sta­tion  – Length: about 0,45 km – Level: easy

Schan­zen­hang – Length: about 0,35 km – Level: very difficult

Win­ter Sports Para­dise Braunlage

Skifahren Harz

Because of the nume­rous faci­li­ties in the area of ​​Wurm­berg, the visi­tors of Braun­lage easily have a an alpine impres­sion. Alre­ady in the begin­ning of Decem­ber the win­ter sea­son starts with an annual “Ski Opening”.

Besi­des ski­ing, the tobog­gan run with a length of 1600m and the snow tubing area (going down a 200-meter-long wavy train sit­ting on tubes) ensure an unf­or­gettable holi­day in the Harz moun­tains for child­ren and adults.

Ski schools and ski ren­tal are directly on site, so that fami­lies and ski begin­ners are in good hands.

The most modern cable car in nort­hern Ger­many, the “Wum­berg­seil­bahn” takes you on a 10-15 minute ride to the top of the Wurm­berg. Enjoy the uni­que pan­orama and return to the “Wurmberg-Alm” for a deli­cious lunch or for an après ski.

After an event­ful day, relax in our Vic­to­ria Bar in our hotel with a fresh beer or a cock­tail and make plans for the next day in a cozy atmosphere.

Of course, you have the option to store your ski equip­ment safe and dry in our locker. Talk to us, we want to make your stay in Braun­lage and your holi­day in the Harz region as plea­sant as possible.