Ski­schools in Braunlage

There are several ski schools in Braun­lage, where you can learn to ski in one of the many ski cour­ses during the ski sea­son. Whe­ther begin­ner or advan­ced, the cer­ti­fied ski instruc­tors and ski instruc­tors bring them daily on the ski slopes at Hexen­ritt or at the Rat­haus­wiese skiing.

Ski­school Oberharz

skischule braunlage oberharz

Right next to the Hexen­ritt ski area is the Upper Harz ski school by Andy Hickmann.

Course times: 10 am - 3 pm les­sons every day

Regis­tra­tion: in advance; only by phone from 10: 15- 15:00 clock

Pri­ces: Ski course: Course dura­tion 10:00 - 15:00 - Course 60 € p.P. Lift tickets and equip­ment are not inclu­ded in the course fee

Group size: Child­ren up to 6 years - 5-6 par­ti­ci­pants / all other groups 8-10 participants

Pri­vate les­sons: no Required

lift tickets: Begin­ner 10th ticket - Child­ren up to 6 years do not need a ticket - From the 2nd day of the course a day ticket is required

Direc­tions from Braun­lage: Direc­tion Elend / Schierke; at the Orts­aus­gangs­schild Braunlage-left the Große Wurm­berg­str. up to the par­king lot “Witch ride”

Con­tact: 0176-20017450 /

Braun­lage Skischool

braunlage skischule

At the ski mea­dow in Braun­lage u.a. the cour­ses of the ski school Braun­lage take place.

Course times: Daily 09:30 - 17:00 lessons

Regis­tra­tion: in advance; online at

Pri­ces: Alpine cour­ses: course dura­tion dif­fe­rent - course 30 € p.P. Lift tickets and equip­ment are not inclu­ded in the course fee

Group size: dif­fe­rent Pri­vate les­sons: yes; Cost 150 € / hour p.P. Nee­ded lift tickets: 12er card 10 €

Direc­tions from Braun­lage: Mee­ting point and begin­ning of the cour­ses is at the ski ren­tal Ewelt in the Bis­marck­str. 33

Con­tact: 0160 - 6655892 /

Harz Vital - Huby Eimbeck

skischule langlauf braunlage

Cross-country ski­ing cour­ses and tours are offe­red by Huby Eim­beck with Harz Vital & Aktiv.

Course times: by prior appoint­ment (at least 1 day in advance)

Regis­tra­tion: in advance; call 05520-923336 or per­so­nally in the log cabin Rathausweise

Pri­ces: Cross-country course 2 hours - 1 per­son = 50 € / p.P. 2 per­sons 35 € / per­son - 3 per­sons = 30 € p.P. - 4 per­sons = 28 € p.P. - 5 per­sons = 26 € p.P. Please bring your own cross-country skis

Group size: min. 1 per­son - max. 5 people Pri­vate les­sons: yes

Con­tact: 05520-923336 /

Ski­schule Braunlage

skischule braunlage

Dirk Pläs­chke offers indi­vi­dual or small group les­sons at the Rathaus-Skiwiese.

Course times: mostly on wee­kends - children’s ski les­sons from 10:00 - 12:30 - adult ski les­sons from 10:00 - 12:30

Regis­tra­tion: in advance; online at or in per­son in the con­tai­ner Rathauswiese

Pri­ces: Alpine Cour­ses: course dura­tion dif­fe­rent - child­ren 6-12 years Daily course: 35 € p.P. - 2-day course: 65 € p.P. - each addi­tio­nal day: 30 € p.P. - Teen­agers / Adults Daily rate: 40 € p.P. - 2-day course: 70 € p.P. - each addi­tio­nal day 30 € p.P.Lift tickets and equip­ment are not inclu­ded in the course fee

Group size: different

Pri­vate les­sons: yes; Cost 40 / hour p.P.

Requi­red lift tickets: on request

Direc­tions from Braun­lage: The mee­ting point and the begin­ning of the cour­ses is at the Ski­wiese Rat­haus Braunlage

Con­tact: 05582-260 /