Ski vaca­tion in Braunlage

Braun­lage in the Harz is not only the per­fect place for the autumn holi­day but also offers fun and action for the family and the skier, espe­cially in win­ter. Only a few minu­tes away from our Hotel Vik­to­ria, the Wurm­berg ski area is the abso­lute high­light in win­ter. In Vik­to­ria there are two ski cel­lars to park after a day of skiing.

Ski­ing in Braun­lage / Harz

skifahren im harz braunlage

Rou­tes ski resort Wurmberg

Pan­ora­ma­ab­fahrt, Length: 1.550 m, easy

Obere Große Wurm­bergab­fahrt, Length: 1.300 m, easy

Nord­hang, Length: 450 m, medium

Hexen­wiese, Length: 450 m, easy

Wal­pur­gis­hang, Length: 550 m, easy

Ski­route Hexen­ritt, Length: 500 m, very hard

Hexen­ritt­piste, Length: 550 m, hard

Son­nen­hang, Length: 800 m, medium/easy

Untere Große Wurm­bergab­fahrt, Length: 2.650 m, easy

Tal­ab­fahrt Braun­lage, Length: 1.750 m, easy

Ski­schul­hang, Length: 200 m, easy

Ski­weg Hexen­ritt, Length: 1.050 m, easy

Obe­rer Ski­weg, Length: 450 m, easy

Ski­weg Mit­tel­sta­tion, Length: 450 m, easy

Family vaca­tion in the snow

skiurlaub familie braunlage harz

The Wurm­berg ski area is one of the most beau­ti­ful ski areas in nort­hern Ger­many. Loca­ted in the beau­ti­ful land­scape of the Wurm­berg, the dif­fe­rent rou­tes pro­vide pure dri­ving plea­sure and pure adre­na­line. Whe­ther begin­ners or expe­ri­en­ced ski­ers, there is some­thing for ever­yone in the Wurm­berg ski area.

There are a total of 14 rou­tes of vary­ing dif­fi­culty levels avail­able. As the lar­gest ski resort in the Harz Moun­tains, the Wurm­berg offers 13 km of alpine down­hill ski­ing.   The “Hexen­ritt” ski area opened in 2014 is a true Eldo­rado for all win­ter sports fans and ski­ing in the Harz has gai­ned a whole new qua­lity since the opening.

The tobog­gan run with a length of 1600m as well as the snowtu­bing area, where a tubu­lar track of 200 meters in length goes down in tube tires, pro­vide for child­ren and adults for unf­or­gettable holi­day expe­ri­en­ces in the Harz Moun­tains. For expe­ri­en­ced ski­ers, the “Wit­ches Ride” with up to 60% gra­di­ent and the his­to­ric Witch Ride Route is a true para­dise with pure adrenaline.

Ski school Braunlage

skischule braunlage harz kinder

Several ski schools on the Wurm­berg offer child­ren ski les­sons as well as adult ski cour­ses and snow­board lessons.

Qua­li­fied ski instruc­tors pro­vide fun while learning this beau­ti­ful sport. Alre­ady from 4 years ski les­sons for child­ren are offered.

The Witch Ride is per­fect for fami­lies and little ski­ers to get their first ski­ing and snow­boar­ding experience.

The flat and extra wide prac­tice slope with its own lift is also the mee­ting point of the “Ski School Upper Harz” in the morning.

Snow­boar­ding on the Wurmberg

snowboarden harz wurmberg

The Wurm­berg is the star­ting point for snow­boar­ders in Lower Sax­ony. Several rou­tes pro­vide fun and adre­na­line in the alpine terrain.

Due to the arti­fi­cial snow on the Wurm­berg a snow gua­ran­tee is given at appro­priate tem­pe­ra­tures. The Witch Ride offers ideal con­di­ti­ons for car­ving with up to 60% steep, wide runway.

As one of the hea­viest runs north of the Alps, there is also the his­to­ric ski route Hexen­ritt. This nar­row, natu­ral track is ideal for the expe­ri­en­ced driver.